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The Golf Mission Purpose

The Golf Mission was created to reach youth who may struggle with purpose and who need someone to help share their journey.   Today's youth are overwhelmed (like many adults are) with a massive amount of messaging through social media, culture, and television.  Many of these children have come to find themselves lost and alone to navigate this world.  While this program is not only to teach golf to those without some connection to the game, but to connect with others through the common fabric of golf.  If you know of a child who could benefit from mentoring, please contact us via the contact page.  We will put you in touch with a PGA Professional in your area who can help find volunteer mentors at their course.  You are not alone.


Derrick R. Griffitts, PGA

The Golf Mission Highlights:

  • Provide a Positive, Golf-Centered, Enriching Environment

  • Organization of Scheduled golf events for player/mentor

  • Focus on Education and the Future

  • Provide an Culturally-diverse experience

  • Focus on In-Person Interaction and Communication with others 

  • Establish a feeling of pride, responsibility, and accountability

  • Electronic devices will be kept at a minimum while on premises

  • Each participant will receive Clubs, Balls, & Equipment for use

  • Donations and Lost & Found clubs will be utilized

  • Participants will utilize GolfStepz.org to log their golf rounds and receive a Youth on Course Membership

  • Participant will be responsible for care of (1) Green – Ball marks

  • Participant may spend time on-course with various mentors

  • Mentors will be available from pool of member volunteers

The Golf Mission Core:

  • Golf Skills and Personal Growth

  • Mentor Experiences and Events

  • Team Golf Events

The Golf Mission Serves:

  • Youth (Middle School through High School)

  • Those who have no connection to anyone who plays golf 

  • Those who isolate themselves in video games and social media

  • Those who distance themselves from personal interaction

  • Those who have difficulty interacting socially

  • Those who display behavior issues (minor to moderate)

  • Those who are in desperate need of purpose in their life